Who is MAHA?


This diverse membership reflects all aspects of healthcare reimbursement including:  hospitals, physician’s offices, health insurance carriers, workers’ compensation, auto insurance carriers, and disability management.

State Liaison

MAHA is a state liaison to the American Association of Medical Audit Specialists (AAMAS), the nationally recognized leader in all matters related to the practice of medical audit and its impact on the health care delivery system.

Who are we?

The Michigan Association of Healthcare Auditors (MAHA) is an organization which has been active since 1991.  Our members consist of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Credentialed Coders, Quality Assurance Supervisors, Case Managers, Legal Nurse Consultants and others in the state of Michigan as well as Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia.

The MAHA 2020/2021 Board is as follows:

President: Marci Norgan
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary/Bylaws: Patty Gibson
Treasurer/Membership: Debbie Smith
Education: Donna Copeland, Sherry Luke, and Marci Norgan
Marketing and Website: Sherry Luke and Donna Copeland

Roles and Responsibilities

Meet our Board Members:

Marci Norgan


Patty Gibson

Secretary / Bilaws

Debbie Smith

Treasurer / Membership

Donna Copeland

Education / Marketing & Website

Sherry Luke

Education / Marketing & Website