Healthcare Auditing involves more than just validating data. It also includes understanding the coding, charging and billing rules, as well as Regulatory Guidance, around the services being audited.

Reporting Patient Supplied Drugs

More patients are bringing their drugs with them to the hospital for various reasons. What does CMS say about reporting these drugs on the claim?

A Data-Driven Denial Prevention Program

Prevention is better than a cure, but thatís often easier said than done when it comes to denials. The challenge is two-fold: disagreements about accountability and responsibility and a lack of comprehensive data to understand root causes and trends early enough to act. These are complex problems that require organization-wide commitmentóbut the payoff more than makes the case.

Telehealth Services

Medicare pays specific Part B physician or practitioner services provided through a telecommunications system. Telehealth services substitute for an in-person visit.

Transplant Billing

Transplant billing rules can be complex. See a NAHRI Q&A that addresses this topic.